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Postscriptum – Mentions Elsewhere

Post-Scriptum – some [dis]honourable mentions of the UfSO elsewhere:

May 2014 Listed by the Tate as an educational resource – an example of a ‘collective’ who are ‘questioning learning’. Lol.

Aitchison, Guy and Bastani, Aaron, ‘The Open-Sourcing of Political Activism: How the internet and networks help build resistance’ Our Kingdom, Open <; 4 April 2011

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‘Leksykon : Geografie nieposłuszeństwa’ (Lexicon: Geographer Disobedience) in Format P #8 NIEPOSŁUSZEŃSTWO: TEORIA I PRAKTYKA (Disobedience: Theory and Practice), Warsaw, Feb 2014

Loiseau, Benoit, in conversation with Prof. Grave Riddle (The University for Strategic Optimism) Ment journal issue 1 ‘Welfare State…ment (on Welfare States), March 2011

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