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It’s Over – The UfSO Announces its Immediate Auto-Dissolution.

September 29, 2013

University for Strategic Optimism Uniti Salvam

It’s Over – The UfSO Announces its Immediate Auto-Dissolution.

Today, the 29th of September 2013, the UfSO used the occasion of a three-sided football game in Deptford to hand out flyers announcing their immediate self-abolition and auto-dissolution. They simultaneously proclaimed the birth of a new triolectical football team, playing in the Luther Blissett Deptford League – going by the name of Strategic Optimism Football.

In the flyer the UfSO announced that they were triolectically inverting Marcel Duchamp’s infamous gesture of “definitively abandoning” art in favour of chess. In their case, giving up politics to play three-sided football.

However, SOF’s first game was played under the banner of an international day of action against gold mining in the Roșia Montană region of Transylvania – thus undermining their own futile gesture from day one.

The Optimists will play in a multi-coloured kit, triolectically derived from industrial painting, occult magick and sploshing. They will function as a home team for all those with no home, where all the shirts read Blissett. Here is the remainder of the text:

“The UfSO had only its time. The movement of which it was one of the more advanced practical-theoretical elements has, since early 2012, dissipated and disintegrated. Even just one year after its founding, the major part of the UfSO’s energy and resources had been diverted into the Occupy movement and the UK and global struggles of 2011 more broadly – struggles which it had, in its own way, helped to shape. One can see that in hindsight, this loss of practical political coherence manifested in the UfSO’s descent into abstract theorising, resulting in internal wranglings and splits within the group. Internal sexual tumult, along with drug and alcohol addictions played their part, like they do in all good stories, but it was ultimately a political decomposition that brought about an end to the UfSO’s more radical phase of operations.

From 2012 on, its direct actions more or less ceased, and it became solely an abstract venue of thinking and writing – in short it became another off-shoot of academia. The UfSO’s radicality had always inhered in its praxis, in its practical critique of the university as an institution and the class relations that produce it. Without this practical critique it was nothing. It was the form of its interventions as well as its form of words that had been important. After a year or so of attempting to regroup, and thinking through the slow disintegration of the ‘2011 moment’, the remaining faculty of the UfSO decided that a continuing programme of practical critique had become impossible – we had never wished to become an avant-garde without a movement. For a short while the UfSO then turned to thinking through and attempting to put across the insights that it had gained, through its practical activities, into the nature of radical pedagogy. When it became clear it had said all it had to say on the matter, and that such a project could more effectively be pursued through other groups, the last remaining participants took the decision to dissolve the UfSO as an active group.

The UfSO would like to thanks all those who took its courses and lectures over the years, those who supported its actions, those who made their resources available (intentionally or not), and those who made this beautiful and hilarious joyride of love and rage all that it ultimately became.


S.H. V.M. J.V. D.H. M.K. M.G. S.H. J.B. B.B. E.H.”


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