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Toilet Humour

April 12, 2012

I have recently discovered the toilet humour can get a bit more political in these troubling times.  Gone are the days when a simple ‘Fuck You’, “I love Cock!” or “For a good time, call Ted @ 555-5555” sufficed.  Today, while the image of women is becoming more boxed in than ever with airbrushing a hobby a ten year old can achieve, three dimensional female characters are a rarity in film and the political attack on women is re-emerging as the flavour the the decade its nice to know that toilet humour is taking a political turn.  


Why let that ‘cock line’ go untouched?  Raise the larger issue!  At least that’s what a motivated girl in a different stall felt after reading the above wall.  She had something a little bit longer to say.


Perhaps this is not new, as Jeremy Deller exhibited the British Library Men’s toilets, but it certainly deserves some discussion.  A public toilet for a public discussion.  As we at the University for Strategic Optimism are always looking for strategies to subvert, disseminate and open up thinking to the public, I have to give three cheers to intellectual, political and subversive discussions!  There is more to unravel in the debate happening in this public toilet and I’d like to think of this post as a call out for raising the bar for toilet graffiti.  If you don’t like the long-winded conclusion of the girl in stall 2, write about it… in the loo.


Professer Smutty McSmutt Smutt

written from my ifony in a public toilet somewhere… 

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  1. April 12, 2012 6:35 pm

    I’m currently writing an anthroplogy thing all about this..but somewhat more aesthetic and less political. still, publish it

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