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New Space: Bank of Ideas

November 17, 2011

Looks like a new space will be opening over the next few days. Check the pre-launch outreach statement below. Their contact details are at the end of the post, get in touch and get amongst it.



What is this space for?


This space is quite simply a public space for information sharing, workshops and services. In a time of austerity when we are “all in this together” we would like to offer a public space for the non-monetary trade of ideas. Everyone is warmly welcome and encouraged to come and be part of creating the Bank of Ideas. A new idea on banking, not for digital transfers of money, but human sharing of skills and information.


There is a particular focus on the trade of ideas that might further the narrative of the Occupy movement, but that is not to the exclusion of other public services that this space could facilitate or to people who would like to enter into a friendly and open minded criticism of the Occupy movement and explain their own understanding of our current systems. All that we do ask is that all people are constructive in their criticisms and come forward with alternative suggestions. This is about being positive, constructive and moving forward in a transparent and open manner of wider public involvement.

Particular subjects of interest that outreach are perusing are notions of (in)equality, (in)justice and sustainability (or lack thereof) within the context of the social/environmental structures which order our lives. Most excitingly we would like to ask people to come and not only share their knowledge on the structure of such systems but their ideas on how these systems might be improved to better the functioning/experience of a local, national and/or international community. Basically, how could we work and live together in a better way, how could we improve the living relationships with our systems of control for a more sustainable and just environment for all?


As this space has been opened for public use there are many other welcome contributions. If you run a community group that has lost it’s centre, library or other community space in recent cuts please feel free to come and book a space for the continuation of your public service. We would like this to also be a creative space. If you are a performer or artist this is also your space to bring people together. If you run workshops on anything from yoga to book clubs please feel free to share in this space. The only prerequisite is that this space is not for financial transactions. Trade in ideas or skills, but no one will need to pay to be a part of this free and public space.


We have a Safer Spaces Policy. Anyone should feel safe and welcome to enter this space.This means that we ask people to be mindful and respectful of how their ideas or actions might effect other participating members of the public. There is also a No Drugs and Alcohol Policy, which we ask people to be respectful of. As this is a public space any damage or disrespect to property would be an act of disrespect and violence towards your own community, a community trying to come together to find positive solutions to our current crises. We ask all people who come into the space to come in with respect.


Thank you very much for reading,


Bank of Ideas

Contact details:

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