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Cultural Capital – print and distribute!

March 22, 2011


We now have THREE DAYS until the Free Free Market Market. We hope your stalls are coming along nicely. Remember to bring noise, friends and a sense of good cheer to our peaceful market. But……….

How are you going to buy anything at this market? After all, we are selling off nothing less than the future itself. You’ll need Cultural Capital, the most stable currency in the West quite possibly at present – which the University for Strategic Optimism are proudly giving away for free right now. Yes – free money. Click the link here to download pdf  – remember to set print settings to double-sided: Cultural+Capital

Please print off as many of these as you can possibly get away with and spread the word. Tell friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, random mandem, profligate god-botherers, dissipated dandies, noisy school-children, dawdling tourists, depressed mathematics teachers – anybody. Be prepared to splash the cash on the day – there’s already an array of stalls with alluring delights – money-laundering, humanities degrees, sausage factories, misery porn, obligatory let them eat cake stalls, banker bashing and funding three-card-tricks. EVERYTHING MUST GO…….

££££UKUncut page

££££Facebook Event.

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