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A Cultural (De)Tour with the UfSO

March 2, 2011

Tracing a Line of Absence and Presence – ‘Cultural (De)Tourism’ with the University for Strategic Optimism

Friday 4/3/11,  5.00pm – 7.00pm, Meet at Goldsmiths RHB 300 and we’ll head to the station
Please bring your MP3 player with the tour pre-downloaded. MP3s are available below

An audio-tour/seminar of, and on, the East London Line from New Cross to Dalston Junction and back. The audio tour seeks to explore the problematic relationships between academic research, cultural tourism and gentrification through a process of plagiarism, citation, performance & repetition.  How do aestheticised forms affect our pedagogical experience?

Our (de)tour tells stories, digs up old grievances, casts political aspersions and asks questions. It draws from folk history and psychogeography and draws attention to the processes of hegemony in a mass media of private property and privilege. In documenting  or aestheticising a folklore are we always historicising it, alienating it from its origins? Or is our narrative merely the trace of an absence that is constantly being renegotiated through spheres of conflict, creativity, governance and iteration?

Come and listen, or else come and ignore or pull apart this narrative, shout it down and assert another.  Alternatively you can download and take the tour without the seminar discussion at any time.

MP3s for Download:

Part 1: Introduction to a Cultural (De)Tour

Part 2: New Cross

Part:3 Wapping

Part 4: Haggerston & Dalston

Part 5: Shoreditch & Hoxton

Part 6: Whitechapel

Part 7: Docklands

Part 8: Cultural One Liners


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