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UfSO to join 5th Feb library read-in

February 4, 2011
New Cross Library

Under threat - New Cross Library

UfSO will be in attendance at New Cross Library on Saturday 5th February as part of a read-in against the government assault on public libraries.  Saturday 5th February has been called as national day of ‘read ins’ by library users and campaigners across the UK.  The New Cross read-in will take place from 3pm, all are welcome to come, participate and show their support for the library.  This is particularly important as the borough of Lewisham is to be one of Culture Minister Ed Vaizey’s 10 areas in which to pilot models of ‘new governance’ for libraries, ie. privatisation by stealth (don’t believe us? why not call his office and ask them to explain it in particularly disingenuous language in a way only they can – 020 7219 6350).  UfSO will be making an as yet undisclosed presentation as part of the event, hope to see you there!

UPDATE: New Cross Library occupied!  Protesters at the library undertook the spontaneous decision to extend the read-in into an occupation in a bid to up the ante of resistance.  Protester James Holland told the BBC: “I think with this occupation we are going to take the libraries campaign – and the anti-cuts campaign in general – to a whole new level. We are just not going to put up with these cuts”.

New Cross Library Occupied

For more see the BBC and The Independent‘s coverage, or for a blogger’s first-hand account see here.

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